Asylum / Fresh Asylum Claims



The United Kingdom is a signatory to the 1951 Asylum Convention. This means that it offers refuge to people who face persecution in their country of origin.

We are highly qualified and experienced to assist people with their asylum claims. However, we do not offer Legal Aid Agency funded work so we would advise asylum seekers to seek assistance from a Legal Aid Agency funded organisation to have their income assessed first in case they qualify for free help and assistance.

If an asylum claim is refused, people have the right to appeal that decision. For most people, the appeal will take place in the UK. We are able to assist people with their asylum appeals if their applications are refused. We have ample experience of representing people at their asylum appeals from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries.

When people have been refused asylum, they may wish to present further evidence to the Home Office if they wish to put forward their case that they continue to face persecution in their home country. We can assist people with fresh asylum claims and have ample experience of assisting people with their fresh claims.

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